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Valuation Services

Our experts at Valuation services desk use independent market data, proxies based on market data and market based financial analytics. This approach allows our experts to offer fast, accurate, and reliable valuations for derivatives and other financial instruments.  Our valuation services team has been structured to provide transparency, flexibility and expertise to Corporates, financial institutions, insurers, issuers, traders, treasurers, fund administrators and brokers-dealers in relation to plain vanilla to complex structured financial instruments.

We value a broad range of complex securities and strategies including:

  • Valuation of Derivative instruments including Options, Swaps, Futures, Forward contracts, Collars, embedded derivative instruments
  • Put and Call options, credit derivatives, commodity-based derivative contracts
  • Valuation of hedged items and hedging instruments from hedge accounting perspective as per IAS39/IFRS9 and FAS 133
  • Valuation of quoted and unquoted equity instruments
  • Valuation of employee stock options
  • Bonds
  • Debt instruments
  • Preference shares
  • Private equity, funds, fund of funds investments, hedge funds
  • Loans including loan portfolio

If you would like to use our services then follow the below link and drop us an email and we will contact you immediately to discuss this further.


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