Model Data & Validation

We provide access to actual trade prices sourced from third-party providers on a daily basis, and offer visibility to the trade data used to create our valuations. Independent market-derived price evaluations are provided for global fixed income securities to support your fund accounting, trading, reporting, net asset value processes, enable portfolio monitoring and help fulfill regulatory requirements.

Model Valuation

Model valuation is another way of looking at a security’s valuation, offering an alternative but complementary viewpoint to the traditional market approach. A model valuation is not only useful for marking portfolios but, in the absence of actual trade data or market evaluated prices, they provide context for the credit drivers underlying the valuation.


We have developed a system of report production and validation to offer our clients both speed and exceptional accuracy, while maintaining a dedicated project leader to ensure accountability.

This technology is unmatched in our industry. A secure, centralized production system allows us to generate peripheral reports and high-volume portfolio orders without delays. All appraisals are evaluated and approved by a central review team to ensure our clients receive clear, concise, timely and error-free appraisals.

Our best-in-class approach has pushed the valuation industry forward, and as a result, we have earned some of the most challenging and highly scrutinized assignments in the world.

Our consultants share a commitment to delivering the highest level of service and the best experience possible. We go the extra mile to deliver for our clients, whether this means meeting a tight deadline or working with a complex and challenging property.

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