Valuation Services Desk

Given the difficulty of valuing financial instruments and the potential for conflict of interest, both financial and non-financial institutions can rely on us for independent third-party valuation services. Our valuation services team can help clients in enhancing their credibility and transparency in their reporting/disclosures. Whether you report under US GAAP or IFRS (SFAS 157, IFRS 13, IFRS 9 and other applicable accounting standards), the practice of reporting financial assets at fair value is becoming a common accounting policy choice.

Our valuations services team uses market data, proxies based on market data and market based financial analytics. This approach allows our experts to offer fast, accurate, and reliable valuations for financial and non-financial instruments.  Our valuation services Desk has been structured to provide transparency, flexibility and expertise to Corporates, financial institutions, insurers, issuers, traders, treasurers, fund administrators and brokers-dealers in relation to plain vanilla to complex structured assets and liabilities.


We value a broad range of complex securities and strategies including: