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Do you need to determine the value of your startup or business? Are you looking to enhance its perceived or actual value, buy or sell an entity or assets, negotiate a better price, or facilitate a quicker liquidation? Perhaps you need to fulfil internal or external reporting requirements or evaluate a young company. No matter the reason, our team of experts at Shasat is equipped to provide you with a thorough and independent business valuation to meet your needs.  Business valuation involves a process and calculation method that estimates the economic or commercial value of a business owner’s interest. This information is used by financial market participants to determine the price they are willing to pay or receive for a business sale.

Our team of valuation experts has a wealth of experience in delivering impactful and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses. By leveraging our detailed assessment process, we provide a thorough and independent startup or business valuations that takes into consideration both internal and external reporting requirements, market participants’ perception of value, and more. Whether you’re looking to enhance the perceived or actual value of your business, negotiate a better price, or facilitate a quicker liquidation, our team is equipped to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, our support extends to businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, and we can assist with buying or selling entities or assets as well. With us, you can rest assured that you will receive the expert support you need to make informed decisions about your business.


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