In-House Training

Besides our wide range of public courses, we are proud to offer our In-house training services to our Global clients. This form of training is tailored to meet your business needs and also an effective way of training your teams which saves time and money and will improve the productivity of your employees, making your business more competitive.  In addition to our public courses, we offer the following courses as in-house programmes:

A) Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – Core Skills (Negotiations, Strategy, Execution, Due Diligence and Post Merger Management);

B) Derivative, Financial Instruments and risk Management – In-depth Workshop for the Finance and Treasury Professionals (2 Days);

C) Negotiations and Strategic Decision Making – Core skills ( Two Day workshop)

D) Executive Leadership and Risk Management – Core Skills ( Two Day Workshop)

E) Startups -Business and Risk Management – Core Skills ( Two Days Workshop)

F) Advanced Strategic Internal Audit – Core Skills ( Two Days)

G) Advanced Strategic HR Management – Core Skills ( (Two Days Workshop)

Cost Effective and Customized training solutions

Shasat is the most experienced world leader in the field of IFRS and Risk Management education. Our clients receive the best training from our most experienced FRS instructors which is customised to meet your business and professional requirements.  We fully understand the business needs where organisational needs are different and at the same time institutions take the responsibility to educate their teams provide best opportunity to learn and horn their skill sets.  We work with you, we understand your objectives, requirements, training needs and cost issues, therefore, we help you in developing a most cost effective, customised and convenient in house training solution for your organisations.  Our experienced training faculty will work with you to develop a course content based on your business and professional needs.

Cost Benefits

Significant cost savings to your entity, especially when compared to sending delegates on a public course as you won’t have any hotel or travel fees for the attendees.  Additionally, for In House courses are usually charged by the day, not per delegate, therefore you pay one rate regardless of the amount of people you wish to train.

Business Needs

We will work with you to understand your business needs, specific topics, and then will develop a course to fit your needs and you can have best practice experience delivered to your door. It also provides you with the option to experience a variety of topics relevant to your business in one training course. 


Our In-house training can be delivered either in house, or at a location of your choice.  Off-Site training is company specific training that is tailored to your organisation and delivered in an external location.   Off-site training is beneficial as it removes the usual distractions that can limit the effectiveness of on-site training, including staff attending to phone calls, colleague interferences and allows staff to really focus on why they are attending the training, etc.

Some organisations may not have the facilities to ensure an effective learning experience, but an off-site training provider will have suitable high-tech equipment and adequate sitting arrangements for a large group.


Our In-house training solution, will give you and your team the opportunity to talk openly and the freedom to ask questions which they would not be comfortable raising on a public course.   We are bound by our strict internal professional codes, therefore all our professionals operate with in ethical and professional boundaries.

Our Fees?

Shasat will customise the training course as per your business needs and same applies to pricing too.  Please contact our dedicated customer services team for further discussion.